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How can hypnosis & coaching help menopause?

Hypnotherapy can teach you to take charge of your body temperature to counteract the hot flashes. You can also learn relaxation and breathing techniques for your overall well-being. I want to help you regain your confidence and self-esteem so that you can feel your best self.

When it comes to the sense of loss as a symptom of menopause, when you feel like you’ve lost a part of yourself, hypnotherapy is the supportive tool you may need to accept the change you are going through and where you would like to be instead.

When you use hypnotherapy techniques and strategies during menopause, they can help your overall well-being.
If your life is being affected by the symptoms of menopause, hypnotherapy may be what you are looking for.

The benefits of hypnosis and coaching are:

  • facing and embracing fears

  • stress release

  • improved self-esteem

  • sleep issues

  • weight release

  • increased body-positivity

  • better intimacy

  • anxiety management
  • relaxation

  • self-discovery

  • menopause management

  • and much, much more!

Meet Allison Prest

Hypnosis Practitioner, Menopause Coach & Champion

I am a professional Hypnosis Practitioner, Menopause Specialist Coach, and Menopause Champion with Menopause Expert Group. My area of expertise is working with women, particularly those in their peri and post-menopausal phases. I aim to help women understand their bodies, minds, and souls as they go through natural transformations into menopause and beyond. Together, we break down barriers and challenge outdated beliefs about aging. My objective is to empower women to find self-acceptance and fill their cups. I am a certified Mind Rebel™ Coach, a National Guild of Hypnotists graduate, and a Menopause Coaching Specialist with Girls Gone Strong. Recently, I joined the Menopause Expert Group (MEG) and became a licensed Menopause Champion. My vision is to serve my community of powerful women and help them live a passionate and fulfilled life.

What is a Menopause Champion and Coach?


A Menopause Champion and Coach takes on a committed and proactive role in raising awareness, providing support, and driving positive change related to menopause. They use their expertise and experience to support you by offering recommendations, resources, and strategies to help you optimize your hormonal health. Their goal is to help you feel like a better and healthier version of yourself and embrace this stage in life with more energy and positivity.

Testimonials working with Soulful Flow Coaching
Who is Soulful Flow Coaching? A seasoned health and wellness professional with over 20 years of experience.
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What is the importance of menopause awareness?

Perimenopausal and postmenopausal symptoms can be disruptive to personal and professional lives, and changes associated with menopause will affect a woman's health as she ages. The menopause is a time of uncertainty, transition and change. It's also confusing, complicated and overwhelming. Couple that with managing a family, leading successful careers, helping support aging parents, and tending to personal relationships, all at a time when our hormones are on a roller-coaster ride.

Menopausal women are the fastest-growing demographic in the workforce, but menopause can affect a woman's working life, and managing symptoms in the workplace can be challenging. Despite the widespread media coverage, some women still find it difficult to talk about the menopause.

Why is coaching such an important part of clients journey towards acceptance?

What is it like to work with me as a Hypnosis Practitioner, Menopause Coach, and Champion?

My goal  as your practitioner, coach & champion is to create a safe container of self-discovery  and co-creating next best steps towards living your menopause years with confidence, embracing your badass wisdom and stepping into the best time of your life...your second spring, your rebirth into your crone years with the feelings of rejuvenation.


I will help you shift your energy towards enjoyment, letting go of diet culture, helping you spend more time in the present moment with a clear mind and self-love. My goals is to get you towards a clear roadmap to the life you envisioned and showing up everyday perfectly-imperfect with no apologies.

What is it like working with me?

Are you struggling with menopause?

Are you confused about peri-menopause?

Have you noticed a change in your moods and energy?

Do you feel alone on your menopause journey?


Kanata, Ontario

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