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What is it like to work with me as a hypnosis practitioner, coach & mentor?

My goal  as your practitioner, coach & mentor is to create a safe container of self-discovery  and co-creating next best steps towards living your menopause years with confidence, embracing your badass wisdom and stepping into the best time of your life...your second spring, your rebirth into your crone years with the feelings of rejuvenation.


I will help you shift your energy towards enjoyment, letting go of diet culture, helping you spend more time in the present moment with a clear mind and self-love. My goals is to get you towards a clear roadmap to the life you envisioned and showing up everyday perfectly-imperfect with no apologies.

Allison Prest

Hypnosis Practitioner, Coach & Mentor

I am a professional hypnosis practitioner, transformative life coach & mentor who specializes working with women.  I am a proud body-positivity champion, with over 15 years experience as a fitness facilitator and wellness keynote speaker and trainer. I have my Business Administrative Diploma with a major in Human Resources from Algonquin College and I am certified in many niche fitness modalities such as: The Groove Method, Spinning, Dance and Choreography, Core Conditioning, Older Adult and Post Natal fitness. I am a certified Mind Rebel™ Coach from the Mind Rebel™ Academy, recognized by the International Coaching Federation;  and  a graduate and active member of the National Guild of Hypnotists with good standings with all my clients.  


I am a mother of two and have been a single parent since 2016 and in 2022 at age 50, I decided that working with women who have been struggling, especially as we age was my calling. I believe in taking aging, menopause  and all the wonders that is being and identifying as a women, on with knowledge, wisdom and humour. 

Working with women who are aging; in their Crone years 45+, is my specialty, however, I do love working with women of all ages who require support on this rollercoaster journey of life. Women who are trying to reclaim the "change"  and understand their mind, bodies and souls during this very natural and normal transformation has become a passion of mine. Using hypnosis, coaching and mentoring practices, I partner with my clients in a powerful self-discovery journey, helping the client break down barriers and debunk aging belief systems that have been fed to us for generations. Together we lean into that concept that aging is a sign of strength, not weakness and should be celebrated. Empowering women to find their flow towards self-acceptance, learning to lean into fear, create next best steps towards change and filling one's own cup. I help women find their identity during menopause and beyond; new beginnings with big, bold, beautiful boundaries through hypnosis, coaching and mentorship. 

My life vision is to co-create and serve my community made up of powerful women helping them lean towards a life full of passion and pure bliss; living unapologetically, perfectly-imperfect, 100% in ownership of ones self, truly authentic: mind, body & soul!

Hypnosis and coaching help clients augment positive change in their lives. Working 1:1 in a safe space practicing proper coaching and hypnosis techniques combined help release negative and self-destructive habits while shifting clients to release and reset.

The benefits of hypnosis and coaching are: 

facing and embracing fears

stress release

improved self-esteem

sleep issues

weight release

increased body-positivity

better intimacy

anxiety management



menopause management

and much, much more!

Image by Hannah Busing


How can hypnosis & coaching help me?

How do you feel after working within a coaching session?
What is it like working with Coach Allison?

What is it like working with me?

Sunset in the Woods

 I won't sugar coat it...this is it ladies! It is time to take the wheel of your own bus and have a Thelma and Louise moment!  

Take the leap!

There are no more excuses!

Are you stuck? 

What are you going to do about it?

Looking for your path?

It's right in front of you waiting to be discovered!

If not now...WHEN?

Coaching and  hypnosis with honesty, trust and a dash of humour  is who I am and how I can get you towards your next phase in this life....your wise warrior is waiting to be heard!

But you don't have to take by word for it...listen to a former client I worked with and what she experienced with coaching!



Soulful Flow Coaching

Kanata, Ontario


Tel 613-796-1458


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