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Mindfulness & Hypnosis

As many of you know, I have been actively involved in the hypnosis world for quite some time. In 2018, I had my first complete mental breakdown, it was raw, scary and completely debilitating. It is like being completely numb, right to the core! I couldn't function, I slept, I cried, I hurt so much on the inside, but couldn't articulate my feelings. I was a mess!

Many things led to this complete unraveling of myself: sudden separation and dissolving of my marriage, becoming financially independent to support my home and children on my own, new career, new relationship, unstable expectations of myself, putting my children completely first and not taking care of my emotional needs to truly grieve the destruction of my marriage and my family as I knew it. Add being peri-menopausal to the mix and it was a full on shitstorm of emotions and self-doubt.


I knew I needed to come to terms of my situation, I needed to create a new life with confidence, boundaries and self-love. And yes, I tried talk therapy, it was somewhat helpful, but nothing a good bottle of wine and friends couldn't also help me with. It felt very surface based and I needed to go deep diving and be reborn quickly. I needed to reinvent myself, cut my limiting beliefs and gain my self back, even a better version of me. Then I remembered an old acquaintance who was a therapist and hypnosis professional. I researched the idea of hypnosis and took the plunge into this world.


I discovered that hypnosis gets to the heart of the problem faster and can replant the seeds in the mind, where they grow and develop into better habits, better thoughts, better simple suggestions in a subconscious state. I quickly felt like myself again, confident, mindful and focused. I was hooked! I've never looked back and I even went as far as to train in hypnosis myself and reboot my career to help others, like I needed. To give back to the women in this world who need more then a little conversation and some suggestions at a conscious level that doesn't always stick.

Hypnosis is truly magical. It can help so many things that you may be suffering from or that you may be curious about or maybe you just need a little confidence booster. It can help with weight loss, anxiety, stress management, body confidence, goal setting, boundaries, sleep, menopause, past life regression and much, much more!

If you are looking for help and it seems like nothing has worked...why not give this very old modality a can't hurt, it can only heal.

Click the picture below to try it. This session is about mindfulness.

* Please note to listen to this while at home in a very safe, relaxing environment. Find 20 minutes where you won't be distracted, put your headphones on and listen. Do not listen while driving or working. *

This audio works best on your laptop and computer, it may be difficult to experience this using your phones.

Find your flow~ mind, body & soul....and maybe a little hypnosis too!

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