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My journey into radical transformation

Have you ever felt that yearning inside, that voice that keeps calling you but you ignore it thinking, no, I can't step off this path. This path? Was it by choice or circumstance? Is it just repeating what you were taught, imaging your parents as they imaged theirs? This path keeps you safe, it keeps you on routine, it has it's challenges, but generally, it is day to day, start to finish, living for the weekends and vacation, dreaming with no call to action. But what if you just stopped for a moment, quietly listened to that voice, dreamed bigger, waited for the fog to lift to reveal a new path, a new adventure, would you be tempted to walk the path of the unknown? Would you hear the call to action?

That was me a year ago, on the path that everyone expected me to be on, even I expected myself to stay the course, be grateful for the fun weekends and holidays, don't dream too big, don't take chances, just keep putting one foot in front of the other. I watched others from the sidelines, envious of their courage, facing fears to live fully in their life's vision. I wanted that! I wanted to serve my community and live as my authentic self: mind, body and soul. I needed growth, I wasn't on a path, I was in the quicksand, sinking slowly with no end in sight. I was always yearning for something that could make me feel whole, that filled my heart with joy and stirred my soul, then I started to reflect inwards, who am |? What is my calling? How can I live my life's vision and step into my dream? I was then introduced to a wonderful human who's warmth and genuine kindness peeked my curiosity. It was like divine timing, I took a deep breath, looked inward and took the leap of faith, starting me on my hero's journey.

This journey into intense self-development helped me break down barriers, face my fears, define my life's vision clearly, but most of all, I discovered my authentic self. The tribe of women I was blessed to co-create and connect with every week inspired, encouraged and embraced every step I took towards self-discovery. I had to tear down walls and get raw in looking at who I was and who I wanted to be. It was a rebirth, experience all of life's contractions but with grace and peace of mind of the greater vision. I have never experienced such growth and expansion. It took 11 months, many laughs, many tears, many successes and failures to step into my light and proudly let it shine bright, not shrinking into the darkness, allowing myself to set healthy boundaries and practicing exquisite self-care. I feel like a butterfly who has revealed her new wings and is rising above her original path and listening to her call to action on HER path, the chosen path of choice, not convenience. I can't say it doesn't scare me...hell of course it does, but it stirs my soul and fills me with joy.

Today I stand before you, radically transformed, today I announce my new path, my new passion, my calling. Today I stand before you, a transformational life coach!

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